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  1. Solanum achorum
  2. Solanum adenobasis
  3. Solanum crassinervium
  4. Solanum cyathophorum
  5. Solanum falciforme
  6. Solanum limoncochaense
  7. Solanum manabiense
  8. Solanum pacificum
  9. Solanum pseudosycophanta
  10. Solanum rubicaule


Solanum manabiense S. Stern

Stephen Stern described a new species of Solanum section Gonatotrichum in 2009. This is an interesting group of plants because they spread their seeds by explosive fruit dehiscence. The fruits swell with water pressure until the thin skin of the fruit bursts, shooting the seeds up to 10 meters. The new species, Solanum manabiense, was first discovered by studying museum specimens on loan from the Field Museum in Chicago. Stephen noticed that 2 specimens looked different from all of the others and were also very geographically isolated from the other specimens. After careful study and collecting the specimen in the field, the species was described and named after the province of ManabĂ­ in Ecuador where the species is found. Here is a figure from the new species publication showing various characteristics of the plant.

Figure: Photos of type collection of Solanum manabiense Stern. A. Habit. B. Flower, note hairs on stem and leaves. C. Fruit, with skin becoming transparent as water pressure increases. D. Roadside habitat in ManabĂ­, Ecuador and author with type collection. Scale lines A = 10 cm. B, C = 5 mm.



Solanum pseudosycophanta Farruggia


Solanum falciforme Farruggia


Solanum adenobasis M. Nee & Farruggia


Solanum cyathophorum M. Nee & Farruggia


Solanum achorum S. Stern


Solanum rubicaule S. Stern


Solanum limoncochaense Tepe


Solanum limoncochaense Tepe. A. Habit. B. Inflorescence. C. Flowers. D. Stamens. E. Infructescence. F. Fruit (immature). (All drawn from M.T. Madison et al. 5327 [MO]).



Solanum crassinervium Tepe

Solanum crassinervium Tepe. A. Habit. B. Inflorescence. C. Bud. D. Flower. E. Flower, longitudinal section. F. Stamens. G. Infructescence (fruits
immature). (A, C, E-F drawn from H. van der Werff 11972 [MO] and E.J. Tepe 2729 [photo]; B drawn from E.J. Tepe 2729 [photo]; D drawn from S. Stern
400 [photo]; G drawn from G. Tipaz 1813 [MO] and E.J. Tepe 2729 [photo].



Solanum pacificum Tepe


Solanum pacificum Tepe. A. Habit. B. Leaves and inflorescence. C. Inflorescence. D. Bud. E. Flower and detail of stigma. F. Stamens. G. Inflorescence with fruit (immature). (All drawn from E.J. Tepe 2696 [photo & NY]).