Lynn Bohs - Teaching



I regularly teach the following courses:


Biology 2010 – Evolution and Diversity of Life.  Offered in Spring semester every year.  I teach the first half of this class in alternate years (2014, 2016, etc.).

Course Description: Organisms are the result of their evolutionary history. This course teaches that history and how it is investigated. We trace the evolution of reproductive, metabolic, and morphological diversity from the origin of life through the major lineages of extant organisms. The environmental and biological processes behind major milestones in evolution are discussed along with their basis in evidence and methodology. The diversity of major groups is explored in their evolutionary context.
            This lecture course meets three hours a week with optional discussion sections. It is required for the Biology major. Grading is based on four lecture exams and four homework assignments.
            Students are strongly encouraged to take the Biology 2015 lab course that complements Biology 2010.

Link to BIOL2010 2016 syllabus.



Biology 2355 – Field Botany.  Offered in the first half of Summer semester every year. I teach this class in alternate years (2013, 2015, etc.).

Course Description. The objective is to learn about plant biology by studying the local flora. You will develop skills in using technical botanical floras and the herbarium for identifying plants. Lectures provide the biological context of the habitats visited and plants observed.
            This class meets on Wednesday and Friday from 12:55 to 5:00 PM. There are 8 scheduled field trips during the Wednesday and Friday class periods. Wednesday trips will be shorter and usually will follow a lecture. Most Fridays there will be no lecture—just a field trip. All trips will take at least until 5 PM. Transport will be provided (university vans). On bad weather days we will key out plants in the laboratory. Grading consists of lab quizzes, homeworks, a final exam, and an independent plant collection.

Link to BIOL2355 2015 syllabus.

Link to BIOL2355 2017 Class photo.

Link to BIOL2355 2015 Class photo.


Biology 5435 – Plant Systematics.  Offered in Fall semester in alternate years (2014, 2016, etc.).

Course Description. The goals of this course are to 1) acquaint you with the major groups of land plants, with an emphasis on angiosperms (flowering plants), 2) develop an understanding of the methods of formulating and evaluating evolutionary hypotheses with respect to higher plant relationships, and 3) gain proficiency in identifying local flora using standard taxonomic references and techniques.
            The course consists of three lecture hours of class and one four-hour lab period per week. Most of the laboratory sessions will be devoted to field trips to local habitats including the foothills, mountains, canyons, and Great Salt Lake.  Grading is based on lecture and lab quizzes, homework, three exams, a plant family assignment, and an independent plant collection.

Link to BIOL5435 2014 syllabus and schedule.

Link to BIOL5435 2016 Class photo.

Link to BIOL5435 2016 Rio Mesa Trip.

Link to BIOL5435 2015 Class photo.